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Custom Chimes

I began handcrafting wind chimes as a sophomore at UTD. To date, these wind chimes ring across seven states and two continents, encompass over 30 tunings, and span 7 octaves. Please visit this website to learn more about the wind chimes and hear several of the tunings.

Echo Amphitheater

I visited the Echo Amphitheater near Abiquiu, New Mexico, on March 16th, 2021. Before sitting down to play guitar near the center of the naturally-formed amphitheater, I recorded the sounds of four hand-claps and subsequent echoes with a TASCAM DR-05 field recorder. What resulted was this fun project on the acoustics of the amphitheater.

Musical Physics

This was a talk I gave at the Graduate Students of Physics seminar in fall 2018. I describe several acoustic phenomena that have macroscopic analogues in the astrophysical world. I am grateful to have had Dr. Joe Izen and Dr. Kaloyan Penev in attendance. I am also grateful to the graduate students for their helpful feedback on my presentation.