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Here are some memorable pictures from my travels and activities.

Playing guitar in Spain.

Setting up a telescope with Evan, in search of comet NEOWISE. Thanks to Anja for the picture.

Performing with Strictly Tablue at Checkered Past Winery, 2019. Thanks to Marion Glorioso for the picture.

Playing with Michelle Stroescu and Stephen Houpt, 2018. Thanks to Sherry Houpt for the picture.

Playing the blues with Patrick Magee and Stephen Houpt, 2020

Playing for Todd Mosby's Advanced Jazz Improvisation Masterclass at the Eisemann Center, 2020.

Stephen Houpt playing with Addis, 2020.

Performing with Daniel Byle at UTD, 2019.

Playing with Steve Miller at St. Mark's, 2015

Visiting Parker, 2020

A friend's birthday, 2020

Playing guitar at my parents' home, 2020

Gandia, Spain, 2019.

IntelliChoice Math Tutoring, 2018.

Lake Ray Roberts camping trip, 2020

View of the Rockies from Raton Pass, 2020

New Mexico, 2020

Sunset in Marfa, 2016

Sunset in NM, 2019

Sunset in Dallas, 2020

Sunset in Mumbai, 2019

So Long Ago, So Clear, my family history paper from 10th grade.